On October 22 , 2015 The Regional Platform for the defense of the Rights of Children of Incarcerated Parents in Latin American and the Caribbean , NNAPES ( the acronym of the name written in Spanish) made a presentation to Inter-American Commission on Human Rights – OAS, a thematic hearing on “The negative impact that the sons and daughters of persons deprived of living freedom in Latin America and the Caribbean “.

A statement form NAPPES says that ,
As a platform that defends the rights of children and adolescents concerning adult detainees, we believe that was one of the most important actions we have carried out in recent years in favor of this population in our region and that is why it We share with you who have supported and accompanied us on this path. Here is  link of the recording of their presentation  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7qqiKls1x0&feature=youtu.be

Also click here to read the petitions in favor of NNAPEs presented to the Commission.