COVID-19 Survey

Dear INCCIP colleagues,

At a time like the current pandemic, international networks such as INCCIP truly show their worth. While each of our nations will be experiencing a similar crisis, the response to this and supports available will vary considerably. This is a time we need to learn from each other, both to inform our own work and to know where to refer people for support.

I am therefore writing to ask you to respond to a short survey about your experience of COVID-19 so we can learn from each other about how best to support children with incarcerated parents in this highly unusual context:

INCCIP Network Experiences of COVID-19

The faster we collate this information, the more useful it will be. Please therefore return your answers by Wednesday the 15th of April.

Thanks so much for your help – this is truly a time to make a difference!

Best wishes for your good health, and stay safe –