Dear colleagues,
I am deeply disturbed about the continued discrimination, oppression, violence, and killing of black people. INCCIP stands with the black community in this very difficult time.

INCCIP’s values are: 

  1.  Child and family voice, participation and representation as a basis for all decision making
  2.  Protection of the best interests of the child in every action of the coalition
  3.  Diversity of cultural and economic representation
  4.  Integrity and accountability in stewardship of resources and relationships
  5.  Collaboration to achieve a common goal

These are important statements, but sometimes their meaning has more depth. We are living through one of those times. Again.

This is not a situation only happening in the US, but globally, and for centuries. It is also a situation that disproportionately affects children with an incarcerated parent: disproportionate numbers of ethnic minorities fill prisons and jails in almost every country. Here in Scotland, we have very few ethnic minorities – but we find other ways to discriminate, whether by class, religion, nationality, and so on. For most of INCCIP’s members, however, the focus on race will be all too clear.

Knowing the personal ethos of our board and membership here at INCCIP, I know you will be feeling this too – that burning sense of anger and injustice combined with the frustration and helplessness in not feeling able to do more. Please know that your efforts are important, that your voice is important, and that you continue to make a difference for people who are voiceless and oppressed. Even if that difference feels very small sometimes, it snowballs and changes the lives and opportunities of so many more.

This is the time when a coalition like ours shows its worth. We acknowledge the pain, frustration, anger, fear, and despair of ethnic minorities, along with the relentless racism our black and brown communities face on a daily basis. But we are not alone. We stand together, We kneel together. We generate change – together.