Proposals for Host Countries

The International Coalition for Children with Incarcerated Parents is inviting proposals to host the next conference in 2021.
To submit a proposal, please write a short proposal (no more than 1
page) outlining why you would be well placed to host the next
conference. This should consider the following:

  • ease of transport links and visas
  • appeal of location
  • best time of year for the conference to take place
  • funding to support the conference (sponsorship, access to affordable venues, delegate fees)
  • why
    hosting the conference may be of strategic benefit to you (e.g. you are
    trying to increase awareness of this issue in your country or trying to
    launch a new project)
  • having enough people to support planning and delivery of the conference (e.g., students, interns, staff, volunteers, etc).

Completed proposals should be sent to the INCCIP Secretary, Julie Poehlmann-Tynan no later than 28 November 2019.
Many thanks, and good luck!