We are very excited to announce that the INCCIP conference in 2023 is planned to be held in Kampala, Uganda! We are working through the details and will be able to share more with you shortly.

Holding the INCCIP 2023 in Uganda is “bringing INCCIP home” to its roots. Participants of the INCCIP 2023 conference will have an opportunity to visit and see first-hand the work at Wells of Hope, run by INCCIP founder Francis Ssuubi, and meet face-to-face the kind of children INCCIP advocates for.

The African continent suffers extreme poverty and gross abuse of human rights, leading to mass imprisonment that directly and indirectly affects children. Hosting INCCIP ’23 will help highlight the plight of children with a parent in prison not only in the African countries but also in other impoverished countries around the globe.