Mothers and their babies in a Ugandan Prison

Mothers and their babies in a Ugandan Prison

The Global Study on Children Deprived of their Liberty has been under discussion since the adoption of the United Nations General Assembly Child Rights resolution which explicitly requested its commission in December 2014. Good news is that One of the areas the report will cover is “children detained with their parents”.

On October 25th 2016 ,The United Nations Secretary-General appointed  Manfred Nowak to lead the Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty.

To help make sure Mr. Nowak and team who are undertaking the study have all the relevant information we are hereby asking you to send details of any reports you have done which are about children of incarcerated parents who are living in prison with their parents or relatives.

The study will be based on a child rights approach – an individualized approach, taking into account the best interests of each child facing deprivation of liberty due to parental incarceration.

I want to thank everyone who responded to the first call for submission of this information, thank you . Incase you have more information please feel free to send it .

Whoever wishes to submit  a report , please  send it as soon as you can to the following  ;

Laurel Townhead  email ( and
Catherine BAKER   email (
(Kindly copy me, so that i get to know that you responded):

Please send the report in any format , however,  the following a recommended  guide;

Date of report:
Organization who wrote it:
Title and web link (or attach the report if no web link):
Subtitle and two sentence summary:

Please NOTE: The reports should be covering children detained with their parents – the study will not look at children on the outside.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Together, we can make a difference for Children detained with their parents:

Francis  Ssuubi
Coordinator- International Coalition for Children with an incarcerated Parent – INCCIP

Email :