INCCIP 2023 Conference POSTPONED

Posted December 2022

The conference planned for July 2023 in Kampala, Uganda has been postponed due to current concerns about potential local health risks.

The conference planning committee has listened to members’ concerns and puts the safety of conference delegates first. The committee has therefore decided to delay the conference until we are assured that the risks are as low as possible, aiming for later in 2023 or early 2024.

We will use the intervening period to prepare for the conference in Uganda, building towards the event through a series of webinars. With the aim of the conference focused on strengthening our networks and building an African Coalition, we plan to hear from key agents in children’s rights and child protection; existing regional networks in other parts of the world; funders interested in supporting such work; and much more!

Thank you for your understanding of this decision. While it’s disappointing for now, we know it will lead to an event that’s even better!

Watch this space for more news of exciting next events and conference update announcements.


INCCIP 2023 goes to Kampala Uganda!

Posted July 2022

We are very excited to announce that the 2023 INCCIP conference will be held in Kampala, Uganda! We are working through the details and will be able to share more with you shortly. The conference dates are July, 17-21, 2023.

Africa suffers so much poverty and gross abuse of human rights, leading to massive imprisonments that directly and indirectly affect children. So, to have INCCIP ’23 in Uganda will help highlight the plight of children with parents in prison not only on the African continent but also in other poor countries across the globe.

Currently, Uganda has a prison population of 71,000 incarcerated people- 80% of these people are parents. 124 parents are on death row and 246 children are serving jail term alongside their parents. According to the statistics in Uganda, it is estimated that on average an adult male Ugandan has five biological children and an adult female has three  biological children. That would mean that there are over 30,000 children who currently have a parent in prison in Uganda.

Since 2005, Wells of Hope Ministries has reached out to the families of the people in prison with the main focus being children. To-date, Wells of Hope supports 185 children by offering them free education and general care. The Wells of Hope Junior and High Schools are a centre for the general welfare of children being the ONLY educational facility in the world today specifically existing for children with incarcerated parents. At both schools, several Interventions have been put in place; not only do they receive education support but also, psychosocial support, family strengthening and foster care.

Holding the INCCIP 2023 conference in Uganda is “bringing INCCIP home” to its roots. Participants of the INCCIP 2023 conference will have an opportunity to visit and see first-hand the work at Wells of Hope, run by INCCIP founder Francis Ssuubi, and meet face-to-face the kind of children INCCIP advocates for.

 The Five-Day event will have the following Activities:                                                                          

17 – 18 July: Field Visits to school, prisons, and communities (optional)

19 – 20 July: 2023 INCCIP Conference with a wide-array of presentations, including  voices of young people at the Grand Global Hotel,Kampala 

21 July: Symposium aimed to build an African Coalition for Children within Incarcerated Parents


Registration now open: USD 470

Early Bird registration (before 28th February 2023): USD 440  


For  payment and Registration, Follow link or Email 

Presentations are invited from practitioners, academics, advocates and those with lived experience on all aspects of the impact of imprisonment on children and families. There will be an emphasis on issues as they relate to African countries as well as innovative and culturally sensitive practices.

Please email your abstract for a presentation to  by (March 31st 2023).




INCCIP Conference 2021 Reflections

During September 29, 2021 through October 01, 2021, INCCIP held its global conference. Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson, Conference Host, USA, Washington, DC. Delegates from around the world shared their knowledge, practices, and expertise as well as created connections with its new members. The INCCIP audience was informed by INCCIP Youth Ambassadors throughout the conference. Thank you Dr. Lorna Brooks, Dr. Katie Kramer, and Jessica Reid for the powerful work you did over the course of 3 days. During that time, INCCIP’s youth participated in a parallel Conference Track that was designed for children between 13 and 17 years of age. Young Adults with lived experiences were featured keynote speakers in this private space for the youth. Additional Reflections will be posted on this site during the upcoming months. 

Special thanks to the INCCIP Board (and welcome new Board Members: Dr. Alice Wambui Macharia, Dr. Kenneth Nyseige, and Dr. Katie, Kramer (see them in the video below). We also thank our Sponsors, U.S. Dream Academy (C. Diane Wallace Booker, Esq.; DC Project Connect, AKA Sorority), and the INCCIP Conference Planning Committee. Keynotes, presenters, and attendees, this conference would not have happened without you. Finally, the team that brought it all together were the technical support team working hard behind the scenes. Thank you Mathieu, Patricia, Monique, and Ronald. 

Sources: INCCIP MP4 Created by DC Project Connect, Washington, DC. The “Skate Kid” footage from YouTube video| credit: Kaitlyn Saunders @theskatekid, Audio, “Rise Up” by Andra Day (we do not own the rights to this music). 


[Below]. INCCIP Youth Official Welcome to  the 2021 Conference. Dr. Lorna Brookes and Youth Ambassador Track Leaders (Dr. Katie Kramer, and Jessica Reid, provide Youth Track conference overview. KIP Canada’s Youth Welcome.


29 September 2021 Mid-Morning Keynote: Dr. Joyce Arditti (below).

 Day 1 Afternoon Keynote: Ms. Ashley McSwain, CFLS, USA

Papers, Presentations, Workshops, Symposiums

Keynote from Latin America. Language: Spanish. Delivered 29 September 2021. Luciano Cadoni Moderator; Victor Giorgi, Gonzalo Salles, et. al.


The workshop and presenter papers, links, and resources may be placed here in the upcoming months. Watch this space. 

Featured Afternoon Keynote Speaker, Dr. Whitney Hollins. Virtual Keynote.

INCCIP 2021 Conference | Day 2

Upper left. Diane Wallace-Booker, Esq. delivers morning Keynote. Bottom Left: Keynotes, Ann Adalist-Estrin, followed by  Toska Medlock-Lee and Dr. Judy Krysik. Dr. Peter Scharff-Smith’s Keynote video is on the left. Also featured in this video is Ms. Anye’ Young, INCCIP Ambassador, USA. Lower bottom features Dr. Koen Sevenants, INCCIP Board member.

About The 2021 INCCIP Conference

In May, 2015, at the Prisoners’ Families conference in Dallas, Texas, a group of families, researchers, and community organisations agreed to set up INCCIP, the International Coalition for the Children of Incarcerated Parents. Meeting again in 2016, it was agreed that the first conference of the network would be held in 2017 in New Zealand.  In August of 2019, the conference was held in Huddersfield, England with over 100 delegates present. This year, in September of 2021, the conference will be virtual, given the global pandemic. While we were hoping to host the conference in Washington, DC, we are pleased that we have the option to hold a virtual conference, at a lower fee, and with a greater potential of providing access and outreach to global attendees.

INCCIP is a unique kind of network, including researchers, advocates, and organizations that work with the families and children of persons who are incarcerated. All participants at the conference are invited to join INCCIP and in particular to attend our annual general meeting (AGM) on Wed evening during the week of the conference. This is an important meeting for us as decisions need to be made about the strategy, membership, and the location of the next conference in two years.

Conference Tracks

 This conference offers an opportunity to broaden the outreach for sectors outside of our mailing list. We seek to extend to educators, social workers, workers in human services, corrections, arts and humanities, policy and lawmakers, judicial domains, and in other sectors of society.

Youth Ambassador Track: This track is designed to attract young adult youth ambassadors as the primary voices that set the agenda for INCCIP. Some sessions can be pre-recorded. There will be a virtual art gallery and a showcase of youth talent (e.g. poetry, drawings, music, etc.)

Social Justice and Policy Track: The Social Justice and Policy track will empower administrators, scholars, non-profit leaders, and public policy professionals across the field to accelerate change by discussing how public policy initiatives can support children of incarcerated parents. This track features thought-provoking discussions and information-sharing sessions centered on the realities and policy dynamics that impact children’s equity, equality, and opportunities. INCCIP will showcase cutting-edge research and best practices for ending the school-to-prison pipeline and breaking the carceral cycle for youth and minorities with generations of family members behind bars. Examples of Sessions for this track: Global Policy Discussion (The School to Prison Pipeline, Realities of the Youth Achievement Gap for Children with Parents Serving Life Sentences); Lecture Series (e.g. ending the cycle of incarceration for black males with fathers behind bars); Roundtable Discussion (Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Criminal Justice Systems); Author Speaker Series (e.g., Insights from the Novel, Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools by Monique W. Morris); Lighting Speaker Rounds (Ted Talk Series) -“lock-up and locked out, raising a child behind the walls.”

Reflections: 2021 Conference Attendees. Huddersfield, England.

Dr. Robin Bell and Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson during the 2019 ICCIP Conference, Huddersfield, England.

Academics Call for Research Papers: This track is designed for academics who wish to provide research, papers, and presentations that have both local and global implications. There is an opportunity to publish work in an INCCIP international journal. Optionally, consider a Community Research Track: This track supports those who carry out formal research on any topic about the children of prisoners, as well as related, broader research into justice systems, with families, and about national policies. The participants in this track may work together to publish journals or books (including, potentially, our own journal) and present work at the INCCIP conference and other conferences. Researchers may also support work taking place in other tracks.

Arts, Music, Bibliotherapy: This track includes the submission of workshops, seminars, or panel discussions on how the arts, including music, poetry, prose, and bibliotherapy, can be used to support children with incarcerated parents. The aforementioned virtual gallery of featured works will showcase during intermission and at select times during the conference.

Faith-based Track: This track is designed to highlight the role of faith-based institutions that advocate, collaborate, and provide interventions for children of incarcerated parents. This conference track showcases the transformative work of faith-based and related charitable service organizations, which adds the needed component to illuminating and responding to the needs of the children of incarcerated parents locally, regionally, and globally.  The faith community has long stood as the heartbeat in helping to forge partnerships with government, business, civic, social, and non-profit entities, which are all vital to provide a holistic approach to supporting this population of children.  The 2021 INCCIP conference will infuse the voices of faith groups as an integral part of the conversation and discussion surrounding the challenges faced by our children and their parents. Note: Workshops will possibly draw attention to local groups who might be interested in developing programs for the children, then move to regional efforts, and then go beyond borders to global efforts.

All presenters must register for the conference.
INCCIP Conference Submission Deadline: Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 11:59PM EST.

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