Our Name : International Coalition for Children with Incarcerated Parents – INCCIP.


Photo Credit : A client of Children of Promise . Shaun Mader

International Coalition for Children with Incarcerated Parents – INCCIP.
The May 2015 Dallas meeting at which we Launched International the Network of organizations and individuals working on issues of Children with Incarcerated parents ended with out an agreed name, but recommended a select committee to decide on the  name basing on a ring of words that had to be considered.
On September 8th 2015 , a select Committee meeting chaired by Ben Raikes agreed that the name of the network Shall be  International Coalition for Children with Incarcerated Parents whose acronym is INCCIP .
The members included Nancy Loucks, Connie Grier and Ben Raikes. Thank  you Ben and Team.

We also thank Verna Mcferlin for having proposed that name, although she did not attend the meeting but her ideas and proposal were so helpful.
So We shall be known by the these Names:  International Coalition for Children with Incarcerated ParentsINCCIP.

Working with the International Family Conference ,INCCIP WILL hold a side event at the International Prisoners Family Conference May 4-6th Dallas Texas, at which we will update members on the progress of the Coalition, provide a brief about the developments on issues concerning Children with incarcerated parents  globally and at the UN , we will have a panel discussion, at which  each member will share what they are doing about children of prisoners.We encourage charities and individuals to attend, please  contact Francis Ssuubi or Ben Raikes – INCCIP Liaisons  if you wish to attend as INCCIP so that we work together to put up a good side event!

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