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Children of prisoners are usually ignored by the criminal justice system and are not typically recognized by social service systems as having particular needs.

These children are collateral victims of incarceration in both developing and developed countries, and they are often left vulnerable to a wide range of dangerous risks.

In general, we can say that children with incarcerated parents experience a higher risk of
  • Serious mental health disturbances
  • Poverty and homelessness
  • Dropping out of school
  • Early pregnancy
  • Sexual victimization
  • Becoming entangled in the criminal justice system themselves


The International Coalition for Children with Incarcerated Parents (INCCIP) is a concerted effort that strives to strengthen global relationships of devoted organizations, institutions, individuals, and students by uniting their many scattered voices together into a respected collective intermediary for children in various national and intergovernmental agencies.
It is our hope that by serving as an official international coalition, we may be able to help earnest entities for children of prisoners to continuously evolve with multi-faceted innovative approaches to help these often forgotten children. We also work to offer in-depth specialized resources to assist with program development and research, and it is our hope that by working this way, perhaps dedicated endeavors will be better informed and the waste of valuable resources will be minimized.
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